The Quinta Miraflores was built in the early 1900s by the Italian architect Lidio Mongilardi and was declared an historic monument by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture. The style of the Quinta Leuro is eclectic, with a mixture of neo-colonial reminiscences that combine the elements of the Mediterranean coasts of Spain and Italy and of the French midi; a mixture of styles that makes it unique.

In the past, Miraflores was a neighborhood full of “Quintas”, each one different from the other, and every one with its own peculiarity.  Today, unfortunately, there are only few left, as they have progressively been replaced by modern skyscrapers. The cement has taken the place of the “quincha” and the “adobe” (reeds and mud bricks), materials with which Quintas houses were built.

Nowadays the Quinta is inhabited by few families, who love it and respect it and who, in some cases, have lived here for several generations.

Staying at the Quinta Miraflores Boutique Hotel is a bit like reliving the history of Miraflores.  Breathing its essence, finding oneself in an enchanted place, unique in its kind, where time seems to stand still. Experience the "Miraflorina" lifestyle, have dinner in one of the many restaurants and cafés that line the streets of the neighbourhood, wake up in the morning with a delicious Italian espresso served in the charming garden of our Quinta.  During the day, take a walk to the Malecon and rent a bicycle in the Larcomar, cycle along the Miraflores coastal cliffs or maybe to Kennedy Park, then hop onto one of the sightseeing Mirabuses to get to know the historical center of Lima... These are only a few of the activities that we'll be happy to organise for you at the Quinta Miraflores Boutique Hotel, to make you feel at home, a “Miraflorino” exploring the city of Lima.